Monday, March 3, 2014

My two favorite vegan proteins.

     If I had a penny for how many times I've been asked "Where do you get your protein...?" I'd be one rich vegan.  This question frustrates me, not because it's so redundant, but because it annoys me that people don't realize that the animals they are eating had to get their proteins from somewhere. For example, cows. Cows are herbivores, meaning they only eat plants. So, where did they get their protein from? PLANTS.

                                 Here's an example of some plants that give you SO much protein.
                                    (Besides, where'd ya think Popeye got all those muscles?? :p )

SO, what are my two favorite vegan protein mixes?  

*drum roll pleasssseeee.....*

PlantFusion Protein and Arbonne Protein

I love this protein powder not only because it tastes good, but also because it is SO smooth and not gritty at all. They have three flavors so far, vanilla, chocolate and cookies n cream (my favorite). I usually like to blend it with 1/2 a banana and a cup of almond milk. It's so creamy and if you make it with frozen bananas, it has the consistency of a milkshake. PROTEIN MILKSHAKE,HELLO?!
All I have to say is, buy it. The price isn't that bad and it's full of vitamins and nutrients.

take a look for yourself.

Arbonne Protein
I LOVE Arbonne beauty products because they do their job and they're vegan friendly. I never thought that I would find love in a vegan shake that's sold by a beauty company. I guess I should've known that since Arbonne believes in both outer and inner beauty. They only have two flavors, chocolate and vanilla. While I wish there were more flavors, they still are delicious to me.  Like the PlantFusion, the protein is very smooth and easily digested. Adding strawberries and banana to either flavor makes it even more enjoyable. The only downside is the price, PF is a lot cheaper since Arbonne is about $60. I am an Arbonne consultant so I do get a 35% discount, but I wish non-consultants were able to get it for my price.

Here's the nutritional info on the Arbonne protein...

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