Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Hi Guys,
      I feel terrible. I feel like I gave up way too quick on this blog. It's obvious that with a new blog you won't have any followers...but I felt stupid writing stuff knowing that noone will see. However...I also need to realize that who is going to know about it if I don't put myself out there...?...and I'd rather have a whole bunch of posts so when people do actually come see my blog, they'll have something to look at lol. Ok, that was a total depressing moment.

 Anyways, MOVING ON!
I have to share with you guys what I did this weekend! I live in Chicago, so we had The Color Runon October 13th... it's called the happiest 5k on the planet and they are not wrong at all. It was rainy in the morning so we were scared it was going to be cancelled..but the weather cleared up after we picked up our stuff. So basically, at each Kilometer they would throw this powdered paint at the runners (btw, there were about 15,000 of us)...after the 3rd Kilometer we started walking and just enjoying the paint of my friends and I would go into the paint bucket ourselves and just throw it at each other. It was such an awesome race....especially at the end. When the race was over, we all got together by the a certain point we were all to open up our individual packets and throw the paint in the air...all I saw was a huge cloud of dust...AND IT WAS AMAZING!!!

I definitely want to do this race again next year...we had it this June but it sold out so quick. It was brought back by popular demand this October...and it sold out AGAIN.

The Boyfriend.

Otherwise, my life has been crazy with school and work. I stopped doing p90x because I was concentrating more on running. I also was put back on Metformin. I started taking it originally last March, and in May I stopped because I thought it was causing hair loss....well, Lo and hair was just falling out because I am just really in need of a hair cut. Yes, really.   Anyways, I'm back on it again because without it it's almost impossible to lose weight...I've been running my Polish butt off and sticking to a strict vegan diet and have only lost 2 lbs. I feel GREAT though, but the fat around my belly is not going away and it's all from this insulin crap.  Blah. Anyways, hopefully my levels will go back to normal after the Metformin being back in my life (just until everything go back down) :)

Alright, big weekend coming up! Will continue to blog :)