Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's time to get real. p90x.

Hi Y'all,
    So as you may have read in my "about me" or my last blog post, I've REALLY let myself go. Like, big time. I do blame it on stress and the insulin resistance that I had developed...but regardless, it's still MY fault. And noone can fix it but me.  It's G.I. Jane Ewelina time. I've been meaning to get back into shape, i swear..but the day before I'm all "YES, I'm gonna DO IT!"..and then the next day I don't even bother to start.  Well, I've just about had it when this weekend I went to a wedding, thought I looked presentable and then when I saw a picture of myself (the next day) I swear I thought I looked pregnant. (btw, I'll post the pictures, and I was sucking my stomach in at that point)  (WHAT THE EFF DUDE)

So that was strike one.
Then, the next day, I wanted to go out to the store real quick, and I decided to move back home to the suburbs with my parents (lots of bad luck in the city), so I had a lot to unpack. So, like any other person, as you pack/unpack you discover things that you didn't even remember you had before. (It's seriously like Christmas!)  So I found this shirt that I wore a lot about two months ago...I put that on and I could barely fit. It seriously was depressing.
Strike two.

So, yesterday, I was getting ready to go to my morning Human Anatomy and Physiology class and I needed to put on my jeans super I was putting them on my zipper broke. Again,wtf!!!  I didn't have any other jeans. Note: I have about 10 pairs of jeans, but they're all size 2-5, I refuse to buy new ones since I know Ill get back to my old, comfy, weight. The jeans I broke were a size 9/10.  Anyway, I had to throw on yoga pants.
and that was strike 3.

I swear, the whole time in class I kept thinking (Evelyn, how could you get to this point)...I may seem like I'm being too hard on myself, but fall is around the corner and all of my clothing from last year is much smaller, and again, I refuse to buy new ones.

So, like any other student, I sat on my macbook the whole time and looked up the p90x schedule...I'm starting it today, will blog my experience (Possibly each day) and then with a quick summary of what I eat.

Mind you, I've done p90x before, but only for ab out 3 days, and I stopped because my TV got stolen. (ahh, yes, Chicago)  Could've done it on the laptop...but I have to use the TV.

Anyways my loves, just wanted to let you guys know what Ill be should join too! We could bitch and moan together about how sore we are....and THEN we can all tell each other how worth it it actually was. :D

I'll post two pictures, a "before" of what I looked like last year..and then a "now" picture..which was taken this weekend at the wedding...and then Ill just continue posting as everything goes.

As far as food for today goes, yeah, not so much, mostly because I dont have time to eat today.
I'm at work until 3, So, I had a soymilk/fruit/fiber smoothie this morning (will post recipe another day, I LOVE it) and then I had a handful of beer chips (love 'em, couldnt help it)  I plan on doing p90x when I get home at 330, eating a good dinner/lunch and heading off to school for a 545-10 class...and at some point there I'll have a snack.

Current Weight: 190.5 Height: 5'7"
Current Diet: Vegetarian, transitioning to Vegan.

Talk to you guys soon!
xoxo Ewelina <3

This was me a little over a year ago.
This was me this weekend, 8/25/12

Same dude, and of course he's wearing the same exact shirt.  Btw, he's my other half...I kinda like him ;)

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oh, hello.

Hi there, my name is Ewelina,  (or Evelyn if you please) I live in Chicago and welcome to my blog. Whether you're here to read about beauty products, or vegan/vegetarian cooking and food reviews..or perhaps even if you're just looking around and happen to stumble upon this blog, I'm glad you're here! <3  I've been meaning to start my own blog for a while, and I sincerely do hope that I will be able to continue posting consistently for you guys because  1) I have a lot on my mind a l w a y s..and usually have a lot to say, 2) I LOVE telling people about things that could potentially help them too, 3) because this is basically my dream "hobby"..I love cooking, makeup, writing, running, dance, science and photography. Therefore, this blog allows me to do almost all of them them...except for the dance, but it may explain some random things in this blog later on. Especially the science, I'm in nursing school and planning on going on to Med School later on...sooo, I will be posting a lot of "this is why this ingredient is bad for you and now I'll give you the chemical break down why.." :)

Any who, if there's some stuff you make want to know about me, simply click on the about me section.

I hope I don't disappoint!

<3 Ewelina, your european vegan.